Data Management

The approximately 2,700 square miles of the Tuolumne-Stanislaus Integrated Regional Water Management (T-Stan IRWM) Region span the entire western slope of the Sierra Nevada, encompassing the Upper Tuolumne River, Upper Stanislaus River, and Upper Rock Creek-French Camp Slough Watersheds. The Region includes all of Tuolumne County, the southern portion of Calaveras County, and southwestern Alpine County.

T-Stan IRWMA Region Map

Funded by the T-Stan IRWM Authority, the following link provides access to the newly developing Stormwater Project Identification Tool (SPIT).

Supported in large part by the California Department of Water Resources, the region launched its first integrated data management program. The following interactive map depicts information about projects undertaken through the T-Stan IRWM and the region it serves. More project information will be provided as it becomes available. A larger version of this map is available at: T-Stan IRWM Projects Map.

DATA DISCLAIMER: This map is for informational purposes only. Variance may appear at different scales. Data for this map was compiled through various sources, including the The County of Tuolumne, The County of Calaveras, the Tuolumne Utilities District, the Calaveras County Water District, the California Department of Water Resources, the National Hydrography Dataset and the United States Census. Some information included in this data may have changed since map was created.

Disadvantaged Communities are Denoted by Track, Block, and Place

The following maps illustrate DACs within the Department of Water Resources denoted Mountain Counties Funding Area within which the T-Stan IRWMA region is located.